Motorcycle – Biker Related Art

Motorcycle Club and Biker Art
Motorcycle - Biker Art by Michael Spano

Michael Spano has been riding motorcycles since the late 70’s, and has been creating biker art for just as long.

Being a member of a NYC Motorcycle Club, he not only understands the lifestyle, he lives it.

His Biker Art is sold on products and available for licensing.

Custom and Licensed MC Biker Related Artwork  

  • Clubhouse Banners, Swag, Apparel
  • Decals, Patches, Leather Patches
  • Support Gear and Website Graphics.
  • Screen Printing and Embroidery
  • Custom Paintings of Riders and Bikes

Motorcycle Club’s Colors ”Cut”

  • Design a New Patch
  • Rework  an older club’s existing center patch into an updated design
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Art by Spano can be Licensed and Customized

Available as Digital Media, Prints, Apparel, Leather and more…